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Knowledge is Power

Are you spending a disproportionate amount of money on job ads that aren't delivering results? Maybe it's because you're advertising in the wrong place. Maybe it’s because your competitors are doing it better. Do you know which?

Before laying down your hard-earned cash on recruitment adverts, it’s helpful to understand the landscape in your particular industry at this exact moment. Ten minutes of research will give you an idea of what job seekers will experience when finding your advert. This helps ensure you put your best foot forward to attract their application.  

How many job adverts will you be competing with?

You will have heard some industries described as ‘skill short’ and that means that there are more job adverts than there are candidates looking for a job. As an employer, it’s common to expect that putting up an advert will result in dozens of great resumes, but that’s not always the case. If a job seeker looking for your type of role is served hundreds of options when they enter their search terms, then your advert needs to stand out - or it won’t get results.

As a general rule, your job seekers are served 67 job options for every search. They’ll scroll the list and read the first few lines of each advert, click on 7 to read the whole thing and eventually decide to apply to just 4. What’s going to make then click on your advert? It’s time to get your marketing hat on!

Are your competitors advertising for staff too?

As with customers, it’s handy to know who you’re competing against when it comes to hiring. If your competitors are looking for the same people you are, then you need to highlight what’s better and different about working for you. Give job seekers a reason to apply to your advert rather than theirs!

What pay and conditions are being offered in the adverts to entice applications?

Candidates love to see salary details to help them decide if a role is for them. If you’re unsure how your pay rate compares to others, take a moment to check out other adverts in your sector. If your rate is significantly lower, that may be an issue later if your dream candidate receives more than one offer. If your rate is higher, consider publishing it. It certainly will help you to stand out and attract higher-calibre candidates. 

How does your job advert compare?  

Adverts vary dramatically within a sector. Some are blunt and to the point, some list endless ‘must have’ bullet points. Others give a lot of detail about the company culture and progression opportunities. How does yours compare? Take a moment to view your advert in the context of the others that a job seeker will be reviewing when deciding which to go for. Would you apply to yours? If not, time to rethink your copy.  

Where are your ideal candidates going to look for job vacancies?

Finally, be aware that not all job seekers go to a traditional big job board when they are looking for a new opportunity. LinkedIn plays a major role in many white-collar job searches and being tagged on Facebook has prompted plenty of passive candidates to make a move. Be aware also that as voice activated search makes up >30% of online queries now, your ideal candidate is just as likely to say ‘Siri, show me Receptionist roles near me’, as they are to visit a specific job board. 

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Knowledge is Power