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Case Study: CCAMLR

We recently wrote about the changing landscape for advertising job vacancies.

A two-week job board campaign is no longer cutting it for many businesses and our clients are now moving to think about longer-term strategies for building their talent pipeline.

We thought we’d share a story of a client we helped recently which showcases our approach to building a better recruitment strategy that delivers and wouldn’t cost the earth to achieve.


CCAMLR, Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, needed help with the recruitment of several positions that had to be advertised internationally due to their membership agreement.

Like most organisations, knowing how and where to advertise across the globe is a time-consuming task, and at times can be overwhelming and put into the ‘too hard box.’ As a result, campaigns are just listed onto the likes of SEEK with the hope they will be seen. 

Of course, this approach rarely works for the local market, let alone the international market, and so CCAMLR engaged our advertising expertise to help them engage with candidates across the globe and to encourage applications.


Our Strategy:

With our experience recruiting from Canada, the USA, China, and Europe we recommended a relocation brand campaign that would leverage social and digital platforms, and drive candidates to them directly via a career’s portal.

Our first step was to ensure the messaging we used didn’t come across as a ‘Greenpeace’ campaign as CCAMLR’s mission isn’t about campaigning for change but is rather about conserving Antarctic marine life. It was crucial for us to get this right.

We knew that using generic job boards would not achieve the results CCAMLR would need and therefore we implemented campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Google.

Utilising social media provided us with the opportunity to specifically target groups based on their overall fit for the organisation. Whilst using LinkedIn and the headhunting feature allowed us to expose their roles to profiles across the globe.  Paired with leveraging our search and response Google campaign, our advertising efforts delivered over 17,000 unique visitors to their career’s portal!



In the last year, our advertising efforts have delivered over 17,000 visitors to their careers portal, with 286 applications received, and 13 successful hires.  Our campaigns have increased their global reach, and candidate engagement thus making it easier for CCAMLR to attract great talent.


Client comments:

“Just over 3 years ago I joined CCAMLR as the HR Officer, a new position to help support staff and, very importantly, recruitment of new staff.  CCAMLR is an international organisation that hires its people from local and international sources depending on the classification of the particular role, making the potential talent pool large but also difficult to get the attention of the best candidates considering the scope of the roles on offer.

We engaged with Victoria and the Big Splash team to help define new and more targeted strategies in our campaigns and stay current with developing trends around recruitment and advertisement.  I cannot imagine how many hours I would have to commit to get even a quarter of the same result that the Big Splash team has managed to achieve for our organisation.  It really is a case of getting the right people for the right job to achieve the results you are looking for and understanding that taking advice from people who make a career of recruitment is so valuable.

The relationship I have developed with the team over the past few years has enabled an almost seamless experience for my recruiting procedure, and although sometimes plans must be tailored to the role and adjusted depending on results, the excellent and open communication I have with the team means we always get to where we need to go.”

Case Study: CCAMLR