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What is a Facebook ‘instant experience’ campaign and what can it do for you?

Here at Big Splash, we are experts in helping SMEs and organisations promote job vacancies. Since 2002, we’ve encouraged you to move away from the Situations Vacant columns, into online job boards and then further into social media.

The media market has continued to fragment and candidates are harder to reach than ever, so today we’re going to have a look at another rapidly emerging tool – Facebook Instant Experience.

Most organisations today are using Facebook in some shape or form to recruit. Whether it’s a basic ‘we’re hiring’ post or a targeted advert, the beauty of Facebook is that it’s accessible for most budgets, not just for the big end of town.  

The most common form of recruitment advert on Facebook is a short image or video where you promote that you have a vacancy. There is then a ‘click here to apply’ button, which takes them out to your careers website where they can upload their resume or read more about the company.   


However, when it comes to social media, your candidate isn’t necessarily an ‘active job seeker’….


Their mum may have tagged them. They may have seen a role at Dulux pop up because home décor is an interest and they recently played with a paint visualiser. If they aren’t actively hunting (like someone might be on Indeed or TradeMe), then your ad needs to arouse curiosity and plant the seed of a job change.

Because Facebook is targeting passive job seekers, they need more time to consider if the role is right for them. That’s why you may like to consider an instant experience advert.

These connect the journey from video to job ad information, without directing the user away from the Facebook platform. They are super mobile-friendly, fast, and appeal to millennials who are looking for a seamless digital experience.   What’s not to love about that?

Here is a video example


An Instant Form is a form used in a lead generation advertisement, to obtain information from the people Facebook advertisers reach via their ads. Broadly speaking, using an Instant Form allows you to collect contact information from people who may be interested in your role without requiring those people to leave Facebook.  

When it comes to recruitment, a barrier to an application is having to prepare a CV, and if someone isn’t in the ‘job hunting’ mindset, (or is lacking confidence), they may decide it's too hard and not proceed.

With an Instant Form, Facebook facilitates this to make it easy for the candidate; contact information like name, email address, and phone number may be prefilled with profile data, making it easier and faster to submit the form. As an employer, you can add your own questions if there is a deal-breaker (like a driver’s license for example).

If you’re hiring hospitality staff, cleaners, tradies, drivers, etc and it’s acceptable for you to receive ‘expressions of interest’ by way of name and contact number, this is a great option.  Facebook delivers this, then you (or your Talent Propeller recruitment partner), calls back for an initial pre-screen. During the conversation, they can gather critical information to help you ascertain if you want to invite them to formally apply.

The benefit of this addition to your campaign is you are making it easy for potential candidates to connect and start the conversation, whilst saving time for both parties as you move them through the application process.

Here is an example video


The last Instant Form campaign we ran for a client for Production Workers generated 56 leads. Not all were perfect of course but it was 56 names and phone numbers of people to connect with to ascertain if they were right for the role – it was more than applied to their traditional ad.  

The key with Facebook is to remember you are targeting a passive audience, so it's not like the old days when you put an advert on Seek and got 50 applications in 5 days.  Our most successful results come from campaigns that run for 3 – 9 weeks.


If you’d like to find out more, contact Big Splash and we’ll help you get the best out of this tool.  

What is a Facebook ‘instant experience’ campaign and what can it do for you?