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Tiktok– the next generation of recruitment advertising is here

Should you leverage the platform taking the world by storm in your recruitment strategy?

Tiktok is a social media platform where people can share short-form videos (generally between 10-20 seconds). Since its launch in 2016, it has become the most downloaded app and although it may be tagged as a Gen-Z platform, stats show that the older generations are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Videos shared on the platform are often taken with a cell phone. It’s not a highly curated affair but that’s what makes it so popular! The app makes it easy to film, create and share videos regularly and the engagement rates with content are higher than you may see with other platforms.


There’s an opportunity to leverage this engaged audience….

Utilising platforms like Tiktok to target potential employees means you can directly demonstrate your culture, environment and even the role.  By creating short, engaging videos, you’ll grow your brand recognition, both in the recruitment space and outside of it.  


How Big Splash customers have hired from TikTok

  1. First, we build a target audience. Each role is unique and the smartest way to utilise your advertising budget is to promote your vacancies directly to relevant parties. Simply put, if you have an entry level role, you shouldn’t be promoting your role to someone with ten years of experience! Tiktok audience building allows us to do this.


Example: Are you looking for an Administrator with a passion for Fashion? Let’s build an audience of candidates who are all interacting with Tiktok posts of amazing designers and brands, who watch videos of the latest catwalk styles and outfit of the day.

  1. Then, we create a video. Short, authentic, and showcasing your culture, team, and uniqueness. We can produce this within 24 hours from static images or videos you have filmed.
  2. Our video gets dropped into the newsfeed of your target audience.  Usually, these people aren’t actively looking for a role, but they see a role that appeals, and voila! You have your perfect candidate.​

Case Study:

We ran a campaign for our client in the Healthcare industry. The advert reached 44,358 people and generated 892 clicks to view the full application process. These are incredible numbers that no other platform is delivering!


Big Splash works with clients across Australia and New Zealand to pioneer this next generation of recruitment advertising.  Talk to us about whether Tiktok is right for your advertising strategy.



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Tiktok– the next generation of recruitment advertising is here